Micro Production Budgets, VIP Treatment


Local powerhouses Fueld Films, Spillt, Dynamite Laser Beam and Sylvia Gregory Casting have joined forces to help local ad agencies faced with the challenge of creating broadcast and web campaigns for all-in budgets clocking in at $100,000 or less.

Together, these four companies can now be called on to provide a handcrafted turnkey production experience under the banner The Backyard Alliance. If you are a Denver agency with a local campaign on a micro budget, life just got a whole lot better.



Doing what we Do Best

The Backyard Alliance offers a seamless turnkey experience for agencies. With one point of contact and four distinct companies, we work together to allocate your overall budget in a way whereby no part of the process gets shortchanged. By engaging all four Alliance companies from the onset, small-scale productions can avoid common pitfalls like blowing the budget on a top notch director and then undermining that stellar footage by having to cut corners in post.


Let's get to work


If you’re ready to call on The Backyard Alliance for your next project, it’s as simple as contacting us. The only catch? The Alliance won’t compete for a micro budget. We’ll bring you directing and editorial options and work with you to create the spot you’re dreaming of, but we'll all be vested partners from the beginning.


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